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Clinic Cabin plan

Category : Architecture
Sub Category : Hospitality Projects

Project Description

Clinic Cabin plan dwg file. They are made with a special fabric that is composed of three elements, with two outer layers Thermoplastic fabric and an inner layer of synthetic fiber of high antibacterial resistance covering the function of avoiding the culture of bacteria in the curtain. Made with pre-shrunk yarn, minimum shrinkage, with antibacterial treatment, friction resistant, curtains with steel eyes on top, with 90 ° straight and / or curved rail supply, IP mark, Eza clicl model in Enameled anodized aluminum and finished with electro static static white color, with .050 "(1.3mm) thick x 1 1/4" (32 mm) wide x 1 1/8 high, Model 800016, IPC mark, according to desired length, with two end caps Model CE9080, brand IPC, white hooks Model CE9525, brand IPC. Durable curtain with superior nylon mesh for rough use.

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